Bash guard base

It is necessary to additionally put in the basket a plastic bash guard. 

This product is only an aluminum base with. You can select the required mounting standard and the size of the bash guard separately.

Light, but very durable bash guard of polycarbonate with ISG05 mount perfectly absorbs and dampens shocks.

  • Bash guard material: polyamide with glass fiber
  • Base material: aluminum 7075 Т6 4 mm
  • For chainrings from 26t up to 36t
  • For use with oval chainrings, the size of the bash guard should be 2 teeth larger than the nominal chainrings size.
28t 30t 32t 34t 36t 38t
Weight 41g 44g 46g 49g 51g 53g

The part is raw aluminum and will be anodized in any color available, including black. Please specify the desired color at the order comment field.

FAQ and Colour Options


  • ISCG 05
  • ISCG Old
  • BSA BB Mount