Bash guard 104bcd

Bash guard is intended to protect the chainring from the blows. It sets in place of large chainring.

"Half" design provides a light weight.

Usually, when passing obstacles always always ahead the same leg, so protection needs only one half of a chainring. For complete protection, you can install two bash guards.

To install with 9 sp Neutrino Components chainring required ring bolts ~8.5 mm long.

To install with oval chainring bash guard size should be at least 2 teeth more than the nominal size of chainring (such as for oval 36t bash guard should be on the 38t)

Bash guards designed to be used without the front derailleur.

The use of bash guards with chainrings with integrated ring bolts impossible.

Weight: 32t - 22 gramms, 34t - 28 gramms, 36t - 28 gramms, 38t - 30 gramms

Made of 4 mm 7075 Т6 aluminum

"At choice" color means that the bash guard is raw aluminum and will be anodized in any color available, including black. Please specify the desired color at the order comment field.

FAQ and Colour Options


  • up to 32t
  • up to 34t
  • up to 36t
  • up to 38t