Neutrino Components Solid and Solid Light cranksets overview

Neutrino Components Solid and Solid Light cranksets overview

Ideas from which we proceeded, designing cranksets:
- Modularity. Axle replaceable, directmount chainring, all sold separately. Firstly, it allows to ensure compatibility with any frame by choosing a suitable axle and spacers. Secondly, it reduces the price because you buy only what you need - there are no chainring or bottom bracket in the kit that you don’t need. You can also install cranks on another frame, replacing only the axle.
- Maximum quality. We did cool, as we could. Normal preload nut, integrated into crank - without any wavy washers and cutted crank. Self-extracting nut - no needed extra tool for removal. Protective film installed.
- Material: aluminum 7075 T6. It is the most durable aluminum alloy, but it is not used for forging - the traditional technology of manufacturing cranks. It is necessary to mill, it is more expensive.
- Narrow Q-factor from 156 mm. Your knees will thank you.
- Two cranks versions - very lightweight Solid Light and very durable Solid (herewith not too heavy).
- Maximum reliability of bottom bracket. Installed high-quality bearings 6806. Labyrinth sealed, filled with waterproof grease.
- SRAM chainring mount. We try not to produce new standards.

Solid — cranks for any use from cross country to downhill. At the same time, weight is similar to that of Shimano XT, but more rigid and durable.

Solid Light — very light, though not most rigid cranks. Weight like at SRAM XX1 BB30. We do not recommend use cranks Light to riders heavier than 80 kg and 70 kg for sports use. Will not break down, but the rigidity may be insufficient.

Crankset specifications:
- Crank lengths  165, 170 and 175 mm. We paln to make 180 mm.
- Q-factor from 156 mm.
- The weight of Solid Light is 430 g (cranks 170 mm, axle 126 mm, fasteners), Solid - 580 g.
- Axle diameter 30 mm.
- 9 options for axle lengths. Compatible with any frame.
- Mount chainring SRAM Directmount (which we also produce in a wide range of sizes, round and oval).
- Warranty 2 years.

Let's start with unpacking. Crankset are shipped in simple but functional packaging. Compactness simplifies delivery. Of course, we could make a bright colorful box, but you should understand that the buyer pays for everything. I do not want to pay for what I immediately throw out.

Cranks are optimized for the best ratio of weight to stiffness. The load in the test is 200 kg for one crank (400 kg for two), 4x safety margin. The stress distribution is fairly uniform. Cranksets are tested on dirt, in DH and XC races.

Axle has a variable wall section.

We produce 9 axle lengths for compatibility with any frame.

Preload nut:

To remove crankset, as well as for installation, you only need 12 mm hex. Someone will say "Why 12 mm, because no one has this?". We believe that for a torque of 40 Nm the 8 mm hex is not enough, after several remove and installations the spline breaks. We did securely.

Crank inside, just need to remove the excess


Just beautiful:

Bottom bracket

Since there is some shortage of threaded bottom dracket for a 30 mm axle, and with normal sealed these are not noticed at all, it was decided to make own BSA30 Bb. We make them under the not very popular key D49 mm 12 teeths, like many Chinese bottom bracket because when using more popular keys for bottom bracket Rotor and similar it is impossible to make a normal seal together with a normal bearing. Bearings can be replaced on their own, although this is not entirely simple.

On this all.