Cage installation manual

Cage installation manual

All operations you are doing at your own risk. If you are not sure that you will succeed, it is best to contact a qualified service. Before you begin read the instructions to the end.

Required tools:

1. 1.5 mm Hex
2. 3mm Hex
3. Two 4mm hex
4. Phillips Screwdriver

1. Remove the derailleur from the bike. Move the clutch lever in the position "Off"

2. Remove the rollers
3. Pull the cage forward and remove pin
4. Extend the parallelogram and gently rotate the cage clockwise. Do not pinch your fingers.
5. Remove the three screws that secure the clutch cover. Pay attention to the O-ring under the cover, do not lose it.
  6. Holding the cage, insert the 4 mm hex into the clutch and unscrew
The spring and the washer does not need to remove. If they fell, insert them back, wherein the end of the spring has to get into the fixing hole in the derailleur housing
7. Insert the end of the spring in the corresponding models of derailleur hole of the new cage. Default should be used first in a clockwise direction hole. The second hole should be used if you want to increase the chain tension or if the spring is weakened.
8. Screw the fixing bolt, do not tighten.
9. Insert the second 4 mm hexagon in the clutch, and tighten the fixing bolt. Recommended torque - 8 Nm.
10. Extend the parallelogram and the rotate cage counterclockwise when viewed from the front.
11. Holding the cage with one hand tighten the pin. Move the lever to the "On" position and check that everything is working properly.
12. Replace the clutch cover. Do not forget the O-ring.
13. Install the rollers and the inner cage. If your derailleur hav medium cage, use the standard inner cage. If a short or long, you need medium length inner cage, for example Neutrino Components production.

14. Adjust the length of the chain: Throw the chain on the chainring and the larger rear sprocket bypass derailleur, determine the minimum length and add 2-4 links, leave margin for suspension compression.

In some cases, a small cog can catch the derailleur - then you should install the M10 washer between the derailleur and the hanger.