Big update bottom bracket and everything connected with it

Big update bottom bracket and everything connected with it

Bottom bracket for Shimano Hollowtech II

Now we produce bottom bracket for both 30 mm axle and 24 mm. The construction of both is identical, more on that below. For the standard key Shimano Hollowtech II. Compatible with Shimano central seal.

Stainless steel bearings

We try to increase the reliability of our products. One of the steps is now to install stainless bearings in all our bottom bracket.

Triple seal

Added 2 sealing rings on the shaft side. The outer ring made a little denser. Because of the tight gland, the bottom bracket rotates tightly, but we measured the loss of friction power. It makes no more than 1 W at 60 rpm, it is not noticeable for legs. Those who wish easy rotation can remove the seals. It will turn out to be a dirt barrier like most of the bottom bracket on the market - a plate above the bearing and a bearing seal.

Hollowtech II

Tool kit for bottom bracket

A tool kit is now available for assembling and disassembling our bottom bracket.

Repair kit for bottom bracket

Includes stainless steel bearings and all rubber O-rings


Bottom brackets BSA30

Bottom brackets Hollowtech II

Tool kit

Repair kit

Service manual